Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Beer Companies, Please Follow the Below Suggestion Accordingly. K-Thanks.

Below is prime example of why I love Lo. We were discussing Valentine’s Day when she came up with a genius idea. I think all beer companies need to adopt this into their product line-up. It’s a guaranteed way to increase sales among women in the 24-30 demographic.

Lo: i mean, i don't hate valentine's day, i just think people who love/like each other should show their affection everyday and not just wait for that one day a year.

me: i agree-it's very commercial.

Lo: which is why i take advantage of all the suckers who are spending tons and tons of money in restaurants that evening, and visit the grocery stores and chinese restaurants who are not getting business. thats how I’m showing my love.

me: exactly.

Lo: but let's be honest, nothing says love to me like a 8 pack (i wish they made those...6 is never enough and 12 is too many) of coronas and some chinese

me: um…AGREED

Lo: i mean, 12 is enough for guys, but too much for girls.

me: definitely. And you feel like such a wuss just buying a 6-pack.

Lo: you feel like a cheap wuss. i just think if hotdogs can come in 8 packs, so should beer

me: hotdogs-your other favorite food!

Lo: which is even worse. I KNOW!! i do consider beer a food because i have sacrificed eating dinner some nights to drink

me: and i think that is respectable/commendable. you do what you gotta do.

Lo: p.s. be jealous of me because i am spending the afternoon of v-day watching a basketball game with my dad and probably stuffing my face with my 8 pack of coronas and hot dogs.

me: oh i am! sounds better than any valentine's day i've ever had.

So, 8-packs of beer. Think about it Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller, etc. It's no coincidence that a prophesizing plastic sphere you shake to determine your destiny was dubbed a magic eight ball. Or that to win a game of pool you must sink an eight ball.

We're on to something here. Oh, and we'd like a liftime supply of your product as payment for our genius suggestion.


Two fun-loving gals who would love to imbibe more than a 6-pack, but less than a 12-pack.

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