Friday, February 19, 2010

The Only Thing Constant is Change

I'm alive...sorta.

I'm spending my hiatus from work applying to grad schools, searching for jobs and deciding whether to stay in D.C. or move back to Richmond. Big changes ahead, folks.

Speaking of change, how do you like my new digs? During the copious amounts of free time I've been blessed with recently, I propositioned the totally awesome and fabulous LiLu to redesign my blog. She happily obliged and did a kick-ass job. Seriously, this is how I envisioned my blog to look when I started it but lacked the design savvy-ness or skills to create such a masterpiece.

Lilu, I raise my martini glass to you and will be buying you mucho beverages tonight at happy hour.

So, if you're wondering where I've been's basically from reality. And reality (bitch that she is) keeps smacking me in the face and telling me I gots to figure out my shiz.

But, dear reality, you will be ever-so-forcefully kicked to the curb this evening so that I can consume deliciously cheap cocktails with Just Jack, LiLu and other awesome D.C. bloggers.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lifetime Movies > Football

I've been negligent to this poor blog...again.

I haven't felt like writing in a week and a half, which is terrifying, because writing is such a major part of who I am.

But mainly, so much has happened that I just don't know where to start.

So, I'll just summarize it into this:

Life slapped me across the face, shook me a few times and told me I really need to start being nicer to my psyche.

And I'm trying. Little by little. Day by day.

May sound cryptic, but it's all I'm able to divulge. (For now, at least.)

I started this blog to laugh with and at myself (and hopefully allow others to in the process). So enough with the blah and onto the happy...

One of my nearest and dearest, SayJo, was in town this past week. While I was out to dinner with her and a group of her friends from high school, we started talking about the most recent Lifetime movie debut.

In case any of you weren't aware, "Pregnancy Pact" premiered Saturday, January 23rd. Not as good as the one where the entire school contracts syphillis, but still a classic.

Anyone ever notice how a Lifetime movie premiere for women is the equivalent of a championship football game for men?

Seriously, half of us at dinner stayed home that Saturday to watch this movie, the others DVRed it and one girl convinced a bartender to turn it on while she was out with friends. Pure genius and awesomeness.

I don't know what it is about movies depicting teen pregnancies, STDs and battered women, but us females like to bond through trash television and copious amount of wine.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.

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