Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: College Football Playoffs, Company Holiday Parties, Drunk Santas

Okay, so although I just posted "Meet Pete, Part 2" yesterday, blogger is saying it was posted last week. Blogger is such a lying bastard!

After a week of writing such an emotionally draining post, I need to get back to my carefree, lackadaisical self. So, I figured I'd recap last weekend.

(I could also go for a very large, strong apple martini. Doesn't this look delicious?? And it's festive, too.)

God, I'm ADD lately. Back to my weekend recap:

Friday night: Watched my college football team battle it out for a bid to the championship game. We lost. To the team we beat in the 2004 National Championship. I was devastated. I chugged as many beers as I could before leaving my friends' apartment. Then, The Hoff had to undress me because I refused to move once I laid down in his bed. Not a good night.

Moving on to happier times...

Saturday: Went shopping with The Hoff. Always a little nerve-wracking to bring a guy, especially a boyfriend, shopping with you. As you're well aware, I take my good, sweet time doing everything and shopping is no exception. The Hoff got extra brownie points for following me into store after store as I searched for an appropriate company holiday party outfit.

After zero luck in 10+ stores, I decided to try Ann Taylor. I should have just gone there in the first place. I can always find something conservative and work-appropriate at's just not always in my price range. I picked up this cute, one-strap top (except mine was black and the bow was a black velvet material:

And the best part? The price! (Originally: $79.99. Marked down to:
$6.50) Yay me! I also got some cute new shoes that were also on sale. (Couldn't find a picture of those.) Not as cheap as the top, but a good deal nonetheless.

I love a good bargain. And I love shoes. The weekend was starting to look up.

Saturday night: Went to my company holiday party with The Hoff, mainly for the free alcohol-a selling point for most work holiday parties. The party started at 7. Because I'm me and because we got lost, (I let The Hoff look up directions. Bad idea. He gets lost even when he uses his Garmin, which he programmed to have the voice setting of an Australian woman. I think it's testament to the fact the The Hoff doesn't listen when women talk.) we arrived at 8:30...and the party ended at 10. Oops.

In actuality, this was perfect timing. It gave us just enough time to mingle for a few, drink our beers and laugh at girls my age get wasted on wine and make asses of themselves in front of their bosses. Then we were off to party #2 of the evening.

My friends Liz and SJ were having a joint birthday party at a bar in Georgetown. This is the same bar that I used to frequent after Pete and I broke up when I started dating a bartender who works there. We'll call him Alaska, because he's from-you guessed it-Alaska.

Anyway, I haven't seen or talked to Alaska since our last date. I think he could tell I wasn't into him anymore. May have had something to do with the fact my whole body tensed up everytime he tried to touch me the last few times we went out. At least he got the hint and spared me from having to deliver a lame ::insert bullshit "i-just want-to-be-friends:: spiel.

Saturday night, this particularly bar was participating
g in a Santa Bar Crawl. That's right folks, for one glorious Saturday evening during the month of December, you can don your Santa suit and make your way down M street, stopping at select bars in a quest to get annihilated while spreading Christmas cheer.

Um...hilarious is all I can say. But it was also a little disturbing to see such a symbol of childhood Christmas magic falling all over the place, puking in alleys and grabbing girls in inappropriate places.

This Santa spectacle also meant that the lines to get into bars where longer than usual. I've never had to wait to get into this bar, and the bouncer said it would be at least 20 minutes before we got in. Meaning we'd have to wait outside in the 20 degree cold. I didn't mind waiting, but The Hoff, being a typical male, didn't bring a coat and was s
tarted to show the beginning stages of hypothermia after 5 minutes. Wuss.

So, we went to the bar next door to wait for the line to die down. My friend SayJo was in town from Denver, so she joined us and we ended up sta
ying there for most of the night. Why leave when you have a table and you don't have to wait for drinks?

I kept pounding beers, and finished off my round with a celebratory SoCo and lime shot. I would advise against this drinking rampage if you're sitting down th
e entire time. My influx of alcohol hit me all at once, and I knew as soon as I stood up it would be ten times worse.

Somehow, I made it from that bar to our original destination in time to wish Liz and SJ a happy birthday before heading home for the evening.

Sunday: Spent the entire day at the mall, both working an
d shopping. Had The Hoff come meet me so we could shop for the little boy we adopted from the angel tree. (Thanks, Martini for the good idea!) Went into The Children's Place for the first time since I was 7 and exchanged awkward glances with The Hoff when he walked out carrying the bag. Let's hope we won't be frequenting that store anytime soon...

After our shopping spree, I introduced The Hoff to one of my favorite holiday romantic comedies: The Holiday. So corny, but so cute. I love the story line between Kate Winslet and the old man, Arthur. I tear up every time he enters his nigh
t of honor to a packed auditorium. I'm such a sap.

I just realized I forgot to post my weekly Miss. Procras. stats last Friday, and frankly, I can't remember that far back, so here's the stats for this week:

Times late to full time job: 3 (*please note that I was sick on Tuesday)
Average number of minutes late to work: 25
Times late to part time job: 1
Average number of minutes late to work: 8
Number of times snooze button hit on alarm clock: 10

On a positive note, I was on time to a work conference on Wednesday. AND, I had to be there at 8 a.m., meaning I was up at 6 a.m. Quite the accomplishme
nt. I'm giving myself a gold star for that one.

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Anonymous said...

I love that I live 2000 miles away and can still be mentioned in your blogs on a frequent basis!! I cannot wait to see you in a month!!


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