Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How 'Bout a Round of Applause...A Stading Ovation

I think I deserve some recognition. Like a pat on the back. Or a cookie. Or an award in the form of Manolo Blahniks.

Yes, ladies and gents, I did it!

I actually made it to work on time Sunday morning. The boutique was open at exactly 10 a.m. for teeny boppers and bridezillas to shop their little hearts out.

Let me just say, the only "recognition" I've received so far came in the form of a bagel and a coke from Panera. But The Hoff gave me those more as cure for my hangover than as an award for being on time, so I don't think that really counts.

Work on Sunday was pure hell. Between my massive headache, waves of nausea and droopy eyelids, I didn't think I'd survive until 5 p.m.

Thankfully, my manger let me leave an hour early. I don't think it was a gesture of kindness. I'm pretty sure she thought that I was scaring customers away. Either way, it gave me an extra hour of weekend leisure.

Turns out, I needed every hour I could get. I've been working 15-hour shifts the past two days and I'm pulling another 15 hours today.

This whole working-two-jobs things is really starting to infringe on the important things in life. Like blogging. And drinking. I don't even want to think the number of shows on my DVR I have yet to watch.

But tommorrow marks the beginning of a 3-day break from the boutique job. That means more time to partake in a few of my favorite things. (No raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens included.)

Btw...I saw "Twelfth Night" on Sunday at the Shakespeare Theater in DC. Highly recommend it if you're in the area. The actress who played Viola looked exactly like Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music." I've caught myself humming tunes from that musical all week. I'm a dork, I know.

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