Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hoff Does Not Heart Lifetime Movies

We all know I have a slight obsession with Lifetime movies. The acting is stellar (hello...Tori Spelling stars in 59.8% of the movies), the content is compelling and there's also a moral to the story (i.e. don't sleep with your friend's husband; don't marry abusive psychopaths). Deep stuff.

My all time favorite lifetime movie was on Sunday night. Maybe some of you have heard of it? It's called "She's Too Young." Basically, it's about a group of high school students who all contract syphilis because they sleep around with each other. The focus is on a freshman girl, who gives the popular jock head just so he'll like her and ends up contracting syphilis. Obviously, it's a classic.

Fortunately for The Hoff, we were at his place so he could witness this award-winning drama. I've never seen someone cringe so much while still stay glued to the television screen. The movie reinforced his stance that he doesn't ever want to have a daughter and brought out some of the most hilarious commentary.

My favorite? "This movie is giving me a negative boner."

I think The Hoff and I need to make Lifetime movie date nights a regular occurrence.

2 comments on "The Hoff Does Not Heart Lifetime Movies"

Dmbosstone on March 25, 2010 at 1:25 PM said...

I just had a negative boner reading the premise of that film.

Just Jack on April 6, 2010 at 4:19 PM said...

Lifetime rocks when it comes to hilarious commedies about pedephelia or rioutous bouts about sleeping with your step son and getting pregnant with his child while trying to making a baby of your own with your husband. Let's also not forget about Tracy Gold and Valerie Bertanelli in their sensitive portrayals of eating disorders and cancer!


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