Monday, November 16, 2009

My Friends Love Me

I'm lucky I have super understanding friends who love me regardless of my habitual tendency to arrive at least 15 minutes late to EVERYTHING.

Since my nearest and dearest have learned to accept this trait about me, this also means they have an endless amount of ammunition.

Some recent zings:

I was getting ready to go out with Just Jack one Saturday night. One hour before he was supposed to come over, I still needed to clean, shower and eat dinner (at least 2 hours worth of things to accomplish). After cleaning, finding a perfect outfit for the night and grabbing some Natty Lite with JJ for pregaming, I let him know how close I was to getting ready. We were due to leave, like 10 minutes ago.

Me: So, don't hate me, but I still need to shower.
Just Jack: WHAT?! Get your ass in the shower, now. I'm giving you 20 minutes.

At my friends wedding last weekend, I was talking to my group of high school friends about when I'd be home for Thanksgiving.
Me: I'm taking the train, and I'll get into Richmond at 9 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Friend: So that means we can expect you out at midnight?

Same location, rehashing the ceremony/reception the night before.
Friend: Miss Procras., I was saving a seat at the ceremony for you and The Hoff, and I kept looking around for you, thinking "Leave it to Miss Procras. to be late somewhere she's already at."

Recent gchat convo
Friend: tell me something that will get me motivated to get up and go run
Me: ha! i don't think i can help you with that one. you know miss procras.=epitome of laziness
Friend: touche. but i would say miss procras.= epitome of lateness, not laziness
Me: yes, that would be more accurate

If I haven't said it to you lately, thank you for putting up with me.

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