Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick Day Revelation

Recap coming as soon as I get my lazy ass around to loading pictures onto my computer. And by my computer I mean The Hoff's. (Mine doesn't have internet access at the moment.)

So, instead, I'm going to write about something that doesn't require the use of yet-to-be-uploaded photos.

In between naps, I spent my sick days watching such greats as "Sex and the City," "27 Dresses," and "Marley and Me." Fortunately for me, Cinemax and HBO had them on repeat.

During the scene in "27 Dresses" when Sexy McSexface (aka James Marsden...loved him since "Second Noah" - you're my instant soul mate if you remember that show) is trying to get Katherine Heigl to say "no" to people, I realized I'm a lot like her character.

Let's take a moment to embrace the hotness that is James Marsden....



Okay, back to my point.....

I definitely lack the assertiveness gene.

This may be why I've had two, yes TWO co-workers ask to borrow money from me. And not $.65 for a coke or $3.99 for a happy meal. I'm talking $50-100.

So, much like Katherine Heigl's character, I meekly responded that I'm sorry, but I can't loan them money. Luckily, these people asked me via text or im and not face-to-face.

What I really wanted to ask them way if they'd lost their G.D. mind and to work the oh-so-lucrative street corner if they're so hard up for cash. Of course, I'd have to say this in a diplomatic, don't-report-me-to-HR, I'd-really-like-to-keep-my-job sort-of way.

But seriously, to be asked to borrow that amount of money from co-workers? I must be doing something wrong.

And then I realized, I did the same thing in relationships. I never spoke my mind or made demands.

I wanted to be the cool, laid-back girlfriend. So if something bothered me, I just kept my mouth shut.

Until recently.

After my epiphany a few months ago, I've learned its okay to say what I want.

To name a few: I need date nights once a week, help with the dishes after I cook (and to have dinner cooked for me) and a kiss on my forehead before I go to sleep.

And you know what? The Hoff's still here.

So my expectations must not be that unreasonable.

If I can do this in one of the most important relationships in my life, I can certainly apply it toward others.

My new mantra:

No more worrying about what people think.

Time to be me, with no apologies or regrets.

Easier said than done, but I'll get there.

3 comments on "Sick Day Revelation"

Dmbosstone on October 31, 2009 at 12:42 PM said...

Amen, one of my favorite people in DC speaks her mind every time and it's totally helped me realize I too should be more assertive in life.

Brittany on November 3, 2009 at 11:20 PM said...

I guess I'm your soulmate b/c I too loveeee James Marsden from the Second Noah days:) So much so that even though I knew Rachel McAdams should be with Ryan Gosling in the Notebook...a small part of me wanted her to be with James Marsden:)

Miss Procras. on November 6, 2009 at 10:35 AM said...

@dmbosstone-Gotta love people like that, they really do give you more confidence to be yourself.

@Brittany-yay, soulmates! haha, agreed! it was so hard to see her breakup with him.


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