Thursday, July 16, 2009

TMI Thursday: No Love without the Glove

I haven’t done a TMI in a while. Not that Monday’s posting wasn’t a bit of a TMI, but I felt inclined to do another one, after being inspired by the hilarious LiLu. A la Wayne Campbell: "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy." That girl has some kick-ass TMI Thursday posts.

Anyway, this is more of a TMI for The Hoff than me. I apologize in advance, Hoffster.

I’m always amused to discover where boys stash their condoms. It’s like a treasure hunt when they have to go get one. The nightstand is always a popular choice, or the bureau, and of course the wallet for those unexpected rendezvous (but boys, beware-the wallet is not a safe haven for the Troj’s.)

Wherever the location, it tends to be easily accessible - you don’t want to interrupt the mood too much.

Unless you’re The Hoff.

The first few times we hooked up, The Hoff would have to get up, walk across his bedroom to the closet, reach on the top shelf and shuffle through a seemingly innocent-looking shoebox.

In the time it takes for the mood to almost completely fade and be replaced with this awkward, we-don’t-know-each-other-super-well-yet-but-we’re-about-to-do-it undertone, he’d triumphantly hold up the wrapper. I’m sure he also wanted to shout: “Arghh, matey, I found the booty!” (No pun intended).

I couldn’t help but laugh (discreetly) every time this scenario played out.

The Hoff must have either caught on or gotten fed up with the location because one night, I was surprised/freaked out when he rolled his bed away from the wall (yes, his bed has wheels on it…definitely keeps things interesting), and unveiled a new hiding place. Very inconspicuous: under the bed, up against the wall. And no more five-minute searches involved. Clever one, that Hoff.

Being the typical girl I am, I couldn’t help but share this info with my girlfriends and Just Jack.

Fast forward a few weeks later. Just Jack is with me at The Hoff’s for the first time, and The Hoff is giving him a tour. We reach The Hoff’s room and Just Jack immediately walks to the closet, points and says, “So, they used to be here, and now they’re here (while pointing to the wall).”

Just Jack and I thought this was the most hilarious thing ever, but I think The Hoff was slightly embarrassed. I think he’s still getting used to the fact that us girls share EVERYTHING with our girlfriends and gay best friends. Just a fact of life.

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