Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Careful...Hell May be About to Freeze Over

I was the first one to arrive to my office this morning. I don’t think that’s happened since…well, ever.

I need a reward, stat. I’m thinking a gigantic bowl of ice cream, glass of wine, raise/promotion – at least one of those “Super!” stickers elementary school teachers but on your papers when you got a good grade. (Side note: I saw a pack of those over the weekend, and I kept thinking to myself: "Why didn't teachers have stickers that said, 'Better luck next time, dumb ass!' That would be way more affective than an 'F' or a :( Clearly, I'd make a wonderful teacher.)

But seriously, it’s very eerie being the first one in the office. The door is shut, all the lights are turned off – basically a setting you’d expect to find in a horror movie. After searching for serial killers, I checked every clock I could find to make sure it was really 8:30. It was. Turns out everyone else was just stuck in traffic. I don’t know if this happens in every major city, but in D.C., if it precipitates in any form – hail, freezing rain, snow, mist – everyone forgets how to drive and your commute time doubles. Not fun.

I’ve spent the rest of the work day trying to regain full movement in my legs. I went on a mile run Sunday with my Dad and can barely walk. It probably didn’t help that we decided to run at a park full of hills. I’m seriously surprised I didn’t collapse in the middle of the trail.

I really want to follow through with my goal to run this 5k, so I started researching training regimens for 5ks online. Almost all of them say to jog for a short amount of time and then walk for a longer amount of time in thirty minute increments. I don’t really see how this is effective –
I don’t want to walk/run the 5k, I want to run the whole thing! Maybe I’ll just develop my own training schedule. Who cares that an Olympian created one of them? I’m an Olympian, too – in shopping and wine-drinking.

If I can actually force myself to run tonight I can mark this as a highly productive day. Since when did I turn into such an over-achiever?? Soon, I may not be able to call myself Miss Procras. anymore!

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