Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time is of the Essence

I've heard "Time is of the Essence" uttered at least a hundred times and ignored it just as many. My eyes tend to glaze over anytime I hear a lecture about the importance of planning ahead and arriving early. Gag me.

I must not have done a good enough job deleting it from the memory bank, because it came to mind as a possible title for this blog. Like any diligent English major, I decided to research the hell out of the those five little words to find out how they became so g.d. important. Anyway, here's what I found, care of (Who knew it's part of everyday legal jargon??):

"It is a statement used in contract or agreements and meant to specify that the time and dates mentioned in contract are very important to maintain and should not be ignored by any of the party under any circumstances. The agreement is liable for cancellation if there is a delay of any form."

I hope to God I don't have to sign any legal contracts anytime soon. I'd likely neglect to adhere to the time and dates specified and end up in the state penitentiary with a cellmate that could scare Mike Tyson.

I digress. Welcome to Running Fashionably Late! As you can obviously tell, I am never on time and always waiting til the last minute to do everything-much to the chagrin of my friends, family and boss. I’ve come to accept this flaw-er, I mean, virtue, about myself and use my shortcomings-scratch that, strengths, as a way to laugh at myself and perhaps give others a little chuckle in the process.

side note: I hope I don’t come across as annoying as the main character from the “Shopaholic” series. No offense to Sophie Kinsella-she is a very talented author-but the whole time I was reading “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (for sanity reasons, I could only bring myself to read the first book), I was screaming at Becky Bloomwood to stop spending obscene amounts of money already!

Just remember: The two rules of procrastination 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow. -Author Unknown

Happy Procrastinating!


Miss Procras.

2 comments on "Time is of the Essence"

Anonymous said...

As friend and confidant of Ms. Procras I can herby 100% verify the validity of her lateness every time. One learns to plan ahead by telling her you need her somewhere at least 30 mins before you acutally do! Love the girl...but its definitely her thing...being late. But that's ok...She follows the same drum everyone else beats to, hers is just a slower tempo!

Anonymous said...

Meeting Miss Procras about 10 years ago, I have seen it all. I'm usually about 20 minutes late, where she is always 45 minutes late. That's probably why we always end up riding together when going out. I just tell her to meet 30 minutes before the real time so she is only 15 minutes late!


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